Big Five

Hunting the Big Five

Zulani Safaris offers hunting opportunities for the “Big Five” (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros) in a variety of concessions in southern Africa, including South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia. The company is led by professional hunter Gordon Brace, who will guide you through the hunt.

Zulani Safaris has access to a number of prime hunting areas in Mozambique, including the Cahora Bassa lake and the Mahimba region on the northern coast. These areas offer over 20,000 hectares of hunting territory and provide a true African bush experience, with the chance to encounter rarer plains game such as sable.

In addition to the opportunity to hunt the “Big Five,” Zulani Safaris also offers a range of other hunting options in these prime areas of southern Africa. These may include smaller game species such as antelope and wild boar, as well as a variety of bird hunting opportunities.

All hunts are conducted with the utmost respect for the animals and the environment and are guided by experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring a safe and successful hunting experience for all of our clients.

In addition to hunting, Zulani Safaris also offers a range of other activities and amenities for our guests, including comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, and opportunities for sightseeing and exploring the local culture. Whether you are an experienced hunter or a first-time visitor to Africa, we are confident that we can provide you with an unforgettable adventure.

If you are interested in booking a once-in-a-lifetime big five hunt with Zulani Safaris, we encourage you to contact us for a detailed quote and itinerary. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a customized hunting experience that meets your specific needs and interests.

Your itinerary may include a stay at one of our comfortable accommodations before or after your hunt, allowing you to rest and relax before or after your adventure. You may also choose to add in a few additional days of hunting for smaller game species, such as antelope and warthog.

In addition to our hunting packages, we also offer personalized safari itineraries that allow you to explore the diverse landscapes and wildlife of southern Africa. These may include visits to destinations such as the Kruger National Park, the Okavango Swamps, Mapungubwe, Victoria Falls, the Namib Desert, and Etosha. Contact us today to start planning your dream safari adventure.