Plains Game Hunting

Welcome to Zulani Safaris, your gateway to an immersive and diverse African plains game hunting experience. Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa’s Limpopo Province, our privately owned ranch offers an unparalleled setting for both seasoned professionals and first-time hunters.

At Zulani Safaris, our hunting methods cater to your preference—whether it’s stalking by foot or pursuing game by vehicle, we ensure a customized approach to suit your hunting style.

Led by Gordon Brace, a renowned tracker and professional hunter, our team brings a wealth of expertise and passion to every hunting expedition. As the owner and outfitter, Gordon’s seasoned guidance and extensive knowledge of the terrain guarantee an enriching and successful hunting adventure.


For seasoned hunters, we provide access to a vast array of game, including species like the striking Sable, Gemsbuck, Blesbuck, Eland, Warthog, Blue Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, and Impala. Our ranch’s diverse terrain—spanning wide open plains, bushveldt, and dense shrubbery—provides the perfect backdrop for a challenging and rewarding hunt.

At Zulani Safaris, we specialize in nurturing first-time hunters and beginners, offering patient guidance and practice opportunities. Our shooting range serves as an ideal space to hone your rifle skills, ensuring you’re equipped and confident before setting out on your hunting expedition.

Inquire about our tailored packages for trophy hunting, designed to create unforgettable experiences while respecting conservation and ethical hunting practices. Moreover, we take pride in our commitment to local communities—much of the harvested meat is donated to nearby orphanages, contributing to both conservation and community welfare.

Explore our hunting packages that cater to varying expertise levels and preferences, ensuring an enriching experience for every hunter. Contact us today to embark on a thrilling African plains game hunting adventure, where every hunt supports conservation efforts and makes a meaningful difference in local communities.

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